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  1. Tarot cards are playing cards. One may play card games with Tarot cards as well as the conventional 52 card deck and one may also tell fortunes with both conventional playing cards and the Tarot.

    Divination is possible with any deck of cards. Cartomancy is the name for a wide variety of card based divination which includes the use of conventional playing cards, Tarot cards, or purpose built oracle decks such as Angel cards. It is also possible to practice divination with dice or any other item capable of producing randomness. However it would not be correct to call a […]

  2. There are really no certain and sure ways to speak with ghosts and spirits. They tend to contact you when they feel like it. Also there is no certain way you would reach a "Good" spirit if you could contact them. Using a Ouija board and conducting seances can be risky and it is good that you would not consider taking part in such activities. If you feel that you are in a suspected haunted location you can try using an Electronic voice recorder or a recording device of some type as you may capture disembodied voices that you cannot […]

  3. Damion Berkbigler

    "Extra Sensory Perception" just means that you "sense" things that most people do not. Most people have some sensitivity to "the unknown", and can develop it, however most people – those who believe it does not exist, suppress it and they lose it.

    A Psychic Medium is someone who uses their sensory powers to communicate with discarnate entities, (ghosts and other spirits, ranging from the deceased to evil spirits.)

    A "Sensitive Empath" is someone who is sensitive to, and feels other people's pain, both physical and mental. If someone has an accident and is injured, most people will want to […]